Topobo Awards, Press and Exhibitions

Most Playful Robotic System, Robots at Play 2007. Odense, Denmark.
Honorable Mention, Interactive Art, 2004 Ars Electronica Festival.
Cyberarts Festival, O.K Centrum für Gegenwartskunst. Linz, Austria September 2004.
Design Distinction, I.D. Magazine 2004 Interactive Media Student Design Review September/October 2004 Paper Issue
Honorable Mention, Interactive Design Awards
Design of Interactive Systems 2004
ACM DIS 2004, Cambridge MA.

Discovery Channel Canada Jan 21, 2005
"MIT's Toy" (video)
Toy stores have competition, and it’s coming from a university. MIT has created the latest and greatest robotic toy on the market, and it’s called Topobo.  

Washington Post Oct 13, 2004
"Start-Up Builds Less Demanding Machines"
...The snazziest items in the room are bright, colorful robotic building blocks that Ishii's researchers call 'Topobos,' a prototype for a kind of toy.

Josh Rubin: Cool Hunting Oct 2004. "Topobo"
:...Taking the ideas behind Legos and Capsela to a new level, Topobo is fun and subversively educational!" Sep 18, 2004. "Ars Electronica - Timeshift - The World in 25 Years" Main image.

El Mundo 8-16 Julio 2004. "Inteligencia Ambiental"
Ingenio Topobo, juguete educativo con sensores para memorizar movimientos y explicar leyes básicas de la física

DesignAid Magazine. July, 2004. Front Cover. "Topobo : la mémoire du mouvement"

Ars Electronica Museum
One year installation 2004-2005.

Artbots:The Robot Talent Show
New York, NY. September 2004.

Wired NextFest San Francisco, CA. May 2004.

Workshops and Presentations
Cooper-Hewitt Summer Design Institute Reinventing Froebel's Gifts. New York, NY. July, 2004.
CAMPUS-TI 2004 Valencia, Spain.
Interaction Design Institute Ivrea Ivrea, Italy. May 2004.
International Symposium on Human Factors in Computing Systems Vienna, Austria. May 2004.
Tufts University Center for Engineering Education Outreach. November 2003. Boston, MA.
LEGO Corporation Billund, Denmark. August 2003.
Ars Electronica Futurelab Linz, Austria. August 2003


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